BREAKING: Collins rejects call for Resignation

I’ve also just received text of an email sent on Monday afternoon by AA GOP Chairman Mike Collins to Vice-Chairman Jerry Walker in response to the call for his call for Collins’ resignation (crossposted):

Dear Jerry,

When you and I spoke at breakfast on Saturday, August 4, I told you I would not leave my post as chairman early. I was elected at a public meeting and if removed early, we will use the procedures laid out in our by-laws in a public meeting.

As you explained it to me, there were no real issues about my leadership, or at least nothing of significance that could not be corrected. One concern you mentioned actually had been corrected last winter because of a private word from you.

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Jerry, I was surprised to learn that a couple folks have been sneaking around having private meetings, swearing members to secrecy, and asking them not to share their concerns with me. How in the world do I as chairman address your concerns with such a lack of feedback? I was especially surprised because the day before our Central Committee meeting you and I spoke and I asked you if there was anything I needed to know about … And rumblings you are hearing that I need to address. You told me no. You only said that Tommy wanted to talk with me. Since I was driving to Dulles Airport, I called Tommy, and he said he did not want to talk until the weekend. I told him I could call him later in the afternoon, but he insisted he did not want to talk before the weekend.

Jerry, we sat together at a Central Committee meeting the next night, and went to a private room in the Rams Head for drinks. Not one concern was raised. We worked side-by-side Saturday night, and again, not one concern was raised.

I realize that the organizers of this plot thought it would just be an easy game of intimidation in the dog days of summer, when nobody was watching. I think the extortion was two-way: to try to intimidate me with a threat of public embarrassment, and by forcing members to sign a letter to keep them from using their own judgment when the facts came out. The purpose of asking them not to call me or answer my phone calls was part of keeping them in the dark and under control. I think that shows a pretty shallow level of respect for our members.

As I told you, I do not believe in extortion. As for the recent public events you referred to, those were not of my doing. I would be delighted to discuss with anyone who wants to call. And I will be willing to address all at our September 5th meeting.

I must respectfully decline your request.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Collins

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