BRACtion Baloney

I called bullhockey on the whole BRAC porkfest some time ago. Historically, communities have gained nowhere near the projections and in most cases the jobs are filled by people in the local community. From the Examiner:

Almost half of the workers whose jobs are being moved from Fort Monmouth, N.J., to Aberdeen Proving Ground say they won’t move to Maryland, according to surveys conducted at the New Jersey base.

A new survey found 47 percent definitely would not move, and only 23 percent planned to move, said Henry Kearney, Fort Monmouth spokesman. The remaining 30 percent of 2,123 respondents remained undecided.

“We’ve known that more than 68 percent of the workforce there is retirement-eligible, so it has not gone unanticipated that a lot of people would retire rather than move,” said J. Thomas Sadowski, executive vice president of the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore.

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The whole BRAC frenzy over the pissant number of jobs moving in to Aberdeen and Fort Meade has been, and remains, nothing more than a raid on the public treasury by local officials.

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