Baltimore County Charter

We wrote earlier about the efforts of two guys in Baltimore County to feed on two teats of the public mammaries.

Democrat councilmen Vince Gardina and John Olszewski believe they should be able to hold seats on the county council while simultaneously being state employees, a violation of the county charter for the past 40 years. They plead ignorance to excuse their current breach of the law and want the law changed to accomodate them.

Today’s Examiner editorializes against this:

And Gardina says the restriction is an “antiquated” prohibition and something no one cares about.

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If that were so why do other counties, including Anne Arundel, Howard and Prince George’s, also prohibit County Council members from holding state jobs and Carroll restrict the level of job one can hold while simultaneously sitting on the county council?

Conflict of interest, maybe? What happens when state interests and county interests butt heads? Are residents supposed to blindly trust council members to recuse themselves in those situations?


Besides, what ever happened to the idea of the citizen legislator? Can council members really represent the people when they earn their livelihood from the authority that ultimately regulates the counties?

Councilman Kevin Kamenetz (D-2) and Joe Bartenfelder (D-6) should be applauded for opposing the proposed amendment.

As Kamenetz said, “Why are they seeking a charter change, and does it benefit them?”

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