Baltimore Collects The Most In State Financial Assistance

Last Reporter

Despite Baltimore’s City shrinking population and political clout, it still tops the list of Maryland jurisdictions in the amount of direct state assistance it collects.

For example, Baltimore ranked No. 1 in the amount of direct aid the state gave it for education, collecting $580 million, according to latest figures obtained by the Last Reporter from the Department of Legislative Services 2006 balance sheet.

Prince George’s County came in second, collecting $557 million in direct aid for education from the state and Baltimore County came in third place collecting $307 million for education from Maryland.

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In the Baltimore/Washington region, the state paid the least amount of direct aid for education to Howard County, which only collected $118 million and Carroll County, which collected a paltry $91.9 million.

Baltimore also collected the highest per capita allotment of state grant money, greatly exceeding all other jurisdictions by pocketing $1,339 in state grants per resident, compared to second place Prince George’s County grant allotment of $813 per resident.

Harford County came in third, collecting $712 per capita in state grant money, with Anne Arundel County collecting $522 per capita and Montgomery only collecting $432 per capita.

Finally, Baltimore also enjoyed the highest return of state financial assistance for each $1 of taxes it paid to the state, recouping 100 percent of every dollar it sent to Annapolis.
Surrounding jurisdictions didn’t fare nearly as well.

For example, Prince George’s County received 51 cents back of every dollar it sent to Annapolis, while Carroll County received only 37 cents of every buck.

Once again, Anne Arundel and Montgomery counties came in last, recouping just 24 cents and 19 cents respectively of every dollar they sent to Annapolis.

If this analysis drives home one reality, it’s that you don’t have to live in Baltimore to have a major financial stake in the city.

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