Another Contract, Another Shakedown

Matt Johnston at Going to the Matt has some thoughts on the union contract negotiations with Baltimore City teachers, the unions instruction to teachers to “work to rule,” and what it means to Baltimore Public Schools.

By almost every measurement, Baltimore schools are in dismal condition. Teachers have within their power the ability to make the most immediate and long term changes and for my money, anything that helps them do their job better, whether voluntary or mandatory, is a good thing. Having ten days of staff development augmented by a couple more days is nothing. If it means teachers have to do a little planning outside the work day–so be it. The school system needs to improve and that means teachers too. The school board should be up front and public about it.

I’m not sure that I agree with Matt on the power the teachers have to make the system better but I certainly agree with him on their propensity to make the system worse.

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