Andrew Kujan’s own little brand of Discrimination

Andrew Kujan proudly displays his typical unthinking urban liberal prejudices aimed at Carroll County Commissioner Julia Gouge:

Its hard for me to see Carroll County Commissioner Julia Gouge’s comments as anything other than poorly hidden racism….

Rural character? I would argue there are any number of things that threaten the “rural character” of Carroll County more than adequate public transport to the largest city in the State.

Of course, perhaps Gouge refers to the “rural character” which is built around a several mile long strip mall containing every fast food restaurant known to man (and finally, a new ROY ROGERS). Then again, she could be referring to the character brought by building thousands of box homes on long disabused farm land, with more acres being sold every single day. Heck, maybe someone from Baltimore is buying one!

Will these terrifying buses be running roughshod over the Farm Museum? Will they bring bar hoppers attracted to the two bars in Westminster that stay open past 1 AM on weekends? Of course not.

Will they bring city dwellers, both white and black, to the county looking for work, housing, or possibly a little day trip to enjoy the “rural character”? Possibly.

Its pretty clear what Gouge refers to when she says “something coming from Baltimore City” will ruin the “rural character” of the county. She means that allowing the majority black population of Baltimore City to mix with the majority white population of Carroll County will lead to bad things, to a denigration of the county. The Commissioner should be ashamed of her ridiculous and offensive implication, and you should tell her so.

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I love it when liberals display the same type of prejudiced behavior only us uneducated bumpkin Republicans are supposed to show. Kujan’s remarks are bizarre, mean spirited, and show a general disdain for anybody who disagrees with his myopic worldview. I for one do not subscribe to Kujan’s prejudiced worldview.

Want to know why Gouge might be against public transit? Could it be that mass transit in Maryland sucks? Could it be she doesn’t want to spend billions on wasteful programs nobody would use? Could it be that she doesn’t want to see an easy conduit to bring crime from the city ( more on that here) to Carroll County communities already seeing an uptick in crime?

(And, as somebody who went to college and spent a lot of time in Carroll County, Carrol County is being ruined by liberals fleeing the inner suburbs buying thousands of box homes on long disabused farm land. They come to Carroll County, places like Finksburg, Westminster, and Eldersburg, for the rural character. Then demand a Chili’s, a Starbucks on every corner, and a Target. And then bitch about the county losing it’s rural character)

I cannot stand to see liberals support the kind of discrimination that Andrew Kujan clearly supports in his diatribe against Carroll County. Discrimination is discrimination, no matter whom it is aimed at. Andrew Kujan should be ashamed of his ridiculous and offensive implication, and you should tell him so:


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