And out come the wolves…

Grab on to your wallet, because here comes Team O’Malley to stick it to everybody:

Now Gov. Martin O’Malley’s administration is faced with swelling infrastructure costs and a state Transportation Trust Fund in urgent need of a cash infusion. Leading lawmakers say they expect O’Malley to propose an increase in Maryland’s 23.5 cents-a-gallon tax and possibly recommend other measures, such as a sales tax on gasoline and tying future increases to inflation or construction costs.

Maryland Transportation Secretary John D. Porcari said in an interview this week that he supports changing the method of taxing gas, from one based on the gallon to one tied to rising prices.

The same Democrats who like to bitch about how unfair rising gas prices are to the poor and the middle class are now the same Democrats who are looking forward to piling on high gas prices with additional taxes and fees.

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I have asked this question before, I will ask it again; why do Democrats think that taxes should be raised that will disproportionately impact the poor and the middle classes? Why do the poor and middle classes have to pay the freight for programs that make affluent liberals feel better?


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