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AA GOP Central Committee: Yep, it got ugly fast


Apparently, I’m not the only beneficiary of the leaks. Because the story hit the Capital today.

I would like to not the appalling pomposity of this quote from committee-member Debbie Belcher:

“The meeting is pointless. A decision has been made by at least two-thirds majority and we need to more forward. It’s best for the Committee and Party that this be done quickly, efficiently and without undue attention.”

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What an absolutely arrogant and ignorant quote. The fact of the matter is that this clique of Central Committee members want to stage a coup d’état of the Committee leadership outside of the eyes of the public and the party that these members are allegedly serving.

There is a process and way of going about doing things such as replacing committee leadership. Want to oust leadership because they are not conservative enough? Fine, that is a potentially legitimate complaint, and if the members were going about it the right and proper way I probably would not have grounds to complain. But trying to do this out of the public eye and under the cover of doing it “efficiently and without undue attention” is just a way of saying “we have no legitimate way and reason of doing this and we think the public is stupid.”

All of the members of the Central Committee who are involved in this putsch should be embarrassed in they’re way of handling themselves in this situation….

The “secret meeting” is happening in 45 minutes, at 7:30 pm at Kaufmann’s Tavern in Gambrills. We’ll see what happens next.

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