AA GOP Central Committee: Pat Corcoran Statement

Pat Corcoran also has made a statement. Pat ran for the House of Delegates in District 31 in 2006, and is the President of the North County Republican Club (Crossposted):

To: Members of the Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee
CC: NCRC Board of Directors, Chairman Pelura and E.D. Flynn

My original email, below, was written before I saw the Sun article today.
The Central Committee member who disclosed the State Party financial report
has breeched confidentiality and proven that he is unfit to serve.

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HE IS A TRAITOR and must be dealt with as such. He has brought shame to the
party, and especially to himself. I don’t know how he can face his fellow
Central Committee members (let alone his family) after such treasonous
actions. HE MUST RESIGN FROM THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE. If he doesn’t RESIGN, members of the Central Committee have no choice but to vote to REMOVE him.

This is not easy for me to say as I have been told who is responsible and
once thought highly of this Central Committee member, but these actions are
most egregious and require the most severe action.

Pat Corcoran

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