AA GOP Central Committee: One thing from the Sun Article

There is one thing I would like to comment on from the article from this morning’s Sun, and it is Debbie Belcher’s comment:

Belcher said in an interview that she was disappointed that her e-mail was made public and said some people were taking it out of context. “I think some of these folks that are interested are interested for the gossip angle of it, and that’s why I choose to be silent on the specifics,” she said.

If this situation were part of a course on public relations, the Central Committee would be failing because of comments like this. When given an opportunity to clarify a comment on a situation such as this, refusing to comment and blaming everybody else is silly in a best case scenario. I, frankly, am not even sure what “gossip angle” she is referring to, because the fact of the matter is that we do not know what is true and what is false because people like her choose to be silent on the specifics.

The silence itself, not what may or may not have happened, is what is currently fueling the Central Committee’s problems right now. Members like Debbie Belcher want to blame the messenger, not the message that they themselves are giving to the public. It is their lack of comment that has sent the story in the direction that it has….


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