AA GOP Central Committee: Joyce Thomann Statement

Longtime GOP Activist Joyce Thomann has also sent out a statement (Crossposted):

Dear Friends:

If you are like me, you have been shocked and saddened to see in newspaper articles and to hear on the radio the depths to which some will go in their quest for POWER.

The attached document sets out some FACTS regarding some of the things we have been reading about. Everyone who knows me knows that I have a passion for being factually accurate. Research takes time – time which some reporters and others had been unwilling to devote to getting the “story” straight. Instead, they preferred the sensationalism of the raw meat, unprincipled attack.

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Rather than read about the “e-mails which have been shared with The Capital,” you can read them for yourself – in their entirety. Since e-mails which had been clearly marked “CONFIDENTIAL FOR COMMITTEE MEMBERS ONLY” have been circulated by Mike Collins to a large group — and perhaps by him to The Capital, I have included them in the document which I attach for your reading. If you look at the date on which I received these confidential e-mails from Mike Collins, you will see that I have acted in an ethical manner – and did NOT share them with anyone – until now. I did reply to Mike’s note to me – and that reply, as well as his rebuttal to my reply are among the e-mails which I now share with you. Having read the article in The Capital, as well as the one in the Baltimore Scum, it is easy to see that others have NOT been trustworthy. They know who they are and it is my hope that they too will read this e-mail and the attachment to it.

I am PROUD TO BE A REPUBLICAN – but I am NOT PROUD of what some Republicans who I know personally have been doing.

I hope that those who are also proud to be Republicans will now come together and do what is the right thing to do. Vigorously support our Republican Party. Work with diligence and principle to advance its ideas.

“Change, if it is to come, must come from us. . . .Real change means understanding that government larded with pet projects and unnecessary spending is an invitation to corruption. The way to end that corruption is through a recommitment to limited but effective government. . . .Taxpayers deserve much, much better. After all, it’s our money, not the governments. We deserve a government at least as smart as we are when it comes to making spending decisions. But to have a government that spends money wisely and efficiently will require real change, and real change requires a movement. The kind of country we want cannot be achieved without a grassroots movement of citizen activists that insists on profound change in our government policies and our government bureaucracies.” (Introduction, Winning the Future, by Newt Gingrich, Regnery Publishing, Revised and updated 2006.).

Are your ready to make a change? If so, that will require real team work. I like most sports and realize the only teams that make it to the top are those whose members work together, as a team. I hope you will get on the Republican Team. But, if you can’t get on the team – get out of the way because we’re about to run you down!

Best regards. Joyce

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