AA GOP Central Committee: Is this bigger than we think?

Commenter Steve intimates at David Kyle’s The Candid Truth blog that the “secret meetings” scandal may be bigger than we think (crossposted):

First, the secret meetings took place prior to the Thursday meeting you are talking about. They took place over the course of a couple of weeks with a couple of the instigators and individual members of the committee. At these meetings, members were asked to sign a commitment sheet.

That’s a pretty damning allegation. Additional secret meetings? Commitment sheets? What kind of Orwellian nonsense is that?

And here is something else that is interesting:

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In fact, the same thing that is happening to Collins is happening in a couple of other counties right now, those just haven’t gone public.

Are there other sagebrush rebellions in other counties that haven’t had nearly as extensive press and blog coverage as this one?

We keep getting fewer and fewer answers that keep breeding more and more questions…

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