A Suprising Pledge

David Lublin at Maryland Politics Watch wonders why Democrat Senator George Della has joined what Lublin a “Republican lemming”, as he terms State Senator Alex Mooney, in signing a no-tax pledge circulated by Mooney.

I’m not a big believer in these pledges because they tend to come back to bite those who sign them. In this case, however, I completely agree with Senator Mooney. Governor O’Malley is caught between the Scylla of the state budget’s “structural deficit” (i.e. spending money like a sailor in Olongapo) and the Charybdis of the insatiable appetite for tax dollars among the groups that elected him.

The inevitable tax increases need to be a 100% Democrat affair. There is no reason for the Maryland GOP to offer alternatives, which will be used as nothing more than a cudgel to beat them with and to make tax increases seem more reasonable which is why I editorialized against Republicans participating in this charade.

Having said that, I hope that Senator Della’s principled stance is a warning shot to the Governor that the budget needs to be balanced at the expense of those attached to the public teat, not the taxpayers.

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