A not particularly insightful comment on economics

Andrew Kujan:

There really is nothing scarier to a conservative that someone who is not already rich making more money.

Which is patently absurd. Conservatives like seeing people make money. What conservatives don’t like to see is for government to muck everything up by artificially inflating wages to the point that it creates inflation, thus bringing the value of everybody’s dollar down.

Then again Kujan proves why liberals can’t run government; a basic lack of understanding of economic environments:

Trending: Red Maryland Radio #445: January 30, 2020

First, those companies would in no way be affected by raising the salaries of a particular group of workers at Camden Yards. An apparently every restaurant, zoo, and “firm” would go out of business in Maryland if 11 people get a $3 raise.

Of course what Kujan fails to realize is that the artificial inflation by government of the salaries of the stadium workers creates an unequal environment for other businesses. That means if government mandates the inflation of salaries by $3 an hour, those businesses either will hire less skilled workers or will need to inflate their wages by $3. And that price gets passed onto the consumer. That creates inflation. That diminishes purchasing power. And that means nothing really changes in the end other than creating more, not less, poverty.

Urban liberals need to realize that you just can’t mandate poverty away by having government muscle its way into situations it does not belong…


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