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A Brief Reprieve

The Washington Times reports that the infamous payoff to O’Malley loyalists in the Langenfelder land deal is temporarily on hold:

Maryland officials yesterday postponed closing a $7.2 million land deal in the face of several unanswered questions — including whether the state already owns at least some of the property.

“What assurances have you given us that your client has in fact clear title to the property?” asked Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp, one of three members on the Board of Public Works, which voted 2-1 to support the deal pending an opinion from the state’s attorney general.

This doesn’t change much unless the Attorney General finds something untoward in the guy who helped prepare the feasiblity study for the landowner eventually recommending the purchase. Or something distasteful in the State of Maryland paying a premium price for the property.

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The deal is an odds on favorite to proceed but every delay gives more facts a chance to come to light.

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