5 Reasons Mayor Dixon’s Election Will Hurt ‘Gentrified Baltimore’

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If victory can be measured by current polls and campaign contributions, then Interim Mayor Sheila Dixon’s chances of being elected Sept. 11 are great.

While this might be good news for contractors and developers, there are five reasons Dixon’s election as mayor will significantly hurt “gentrified Baltimore.”

By “gentrified Baltimore,” I’m referring to such neighborhoods as Federal Hill, Canton, Fells Point, Locust Point and Hampden.

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These are predominately white neighborhoods, where according to the Sun, 60% of the registered voters will vote for Dixon’s main opponent, City Councilman Keiffer Mitchell Jr.

5 reasons an elected Mayor Dixon hurts gentrified Baltimore

1. Dixon will do nothing concrete to stop Charm City’s out-of-control murder rate, which has reached 196 and counting. Baltimore’s murder rate is almost double that of comparable cities, and Dixon’s suspension of zero tolerance and bad relationship with the Baltimore City Police Union will only exacerbate the problem. As a result, expect to see more murders committed near and inside of gentrified neighborhoods.

2. The spiraling murder rate coupled with a sharp real estate down turn will have a further adverse affect on the property values and the ability to market houses in gentrified neighborhoods under a Dixon administration. There are already concrete signs of this happening and it will only get worst, because Dixon does not admit, or grasp the nature and seriousness of the crime problem.

3. Under Dixon, Charm City’s structural deficit will continue to grow, in part because of number one and two described above. She has already anticipated this and has appointed a tax panel that is quietly working to find dozens of ways to offset this deficit by increasing a wide variety of fees and taxes. Since the residents of gentrified neighborhoods are those earning the most, they will pay the most as a result of Dixon’s planned tax hikes.

4. While projects like the Harbor View tower in Federal Hill have been temporarily blocked, according to the Sun, I see this as an election ploy by Dixon, and fully expect such projects to resume sometime after the election. I base this on Dixon’s past coziness with developers for the last 20 years. This means residents in gentrified neighborhoods can expect plenty of high-rise and other kind of development coming to a place near them!

5. Dixon’s past history of being involved in questionable City contracts is legion. In fact, there is a whole new site “The Truth About Sheila Dixon,” which chronicles them chapter and verse. She wants to increase the amount of city contracts that can be awarded on a no-bid basis. If Dixon is elected you can definitely expect much more of the same. This bodes badly for gentrified residents, who already pay the highest share of Baltimore’s exorbitant property taxes.

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