Welcome to Maryland Politics at redmaryland.blogspot.com.

Maryland Politics is devoted to politics within the Free State from a conservative and/or Republican point of view. Participation is open to all but this is primarily a site for we conservatives and Republicans living a minority existence in the state of Maryland.

There are only a few rules but they are iron clad.

  • Don’t use words here that you wouldn’t use in front of your parents or minor children. Profanity never enlightens.
  • Don’t stalk posters from thread to thread.
  • No personal attacks. This doesn’t mean that all ideas are deserving of respect. They aren’t. But have respect for fellow posters.
  • Extremists, 9-11 Truthers, conspiracy theorists, 16th Amendment deniers, racists, etc., should find other more tolerant sites.
  • Truthfulness is the price of admission. Making up “facts” to win debating points is dishonest.
  • Keep the discussion local. If you have something to say about national politics visit me at Redstate.
  • User names are your choice with two provisos. First, that they not be directly or indirectly obscene and, secondly, that you not use the name of any federal, state, or local official as your user name unless you are that person.

Smart writing and smart commentary are appreciated. I realize the damage text messaging and chat rooms have wreaked upon written English but I ask everyone to refrain from using that vernacular here.

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Over time, more contributors will be added to the site. If you think you might be interested drop me an email: streiffatredstate^at^gmaildotcom.

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