Wayne Gilchrest Slides Towards Moonbattery

Yesterday Wayne Gilchrest took another swipe at undermining US foreign policy and voted with Nancy Pelosi to mandate a US withdrawal from Iraq.

My good friend Jeff Emanuel at RedState sums up the thrust of the bill Mr. Gilchrest supported nicely:

House Democrats, not satisfied to live up to their word (and with no spines to help them out), decided that a September report on the broad, new, effective strategy in Iraq – which they approved as part of the Iraq supplemental – just wasn’t good enough, and once again submitted legislation mandating the beginning of a gradual, bloody surrender in Iraq beginning 120 days from now, and being complete – with the last American troops in Iraq dead or on their way home – on (get this) April Fool’s Day.

For all of Gilchrest’s public agonizing over the war in Iraq his actions are nothing more than craven political opportunism. Gilchrest is running like a scalded dog from Iraq, a war that he voted for, because it is not proceeding as well as he, and a lot of us, would like. In doing so is cavalierly abandoning some 25 million people to there fate as well as pushing a region over the brink of war.

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One would think that someone who has a near Kerrryesque ability to make his personal experience as a sergeant in Vietnam relevant to most anything would look at the fate of the South Vietnamese, the Laotians, and the Cambodians as instructive of the ultimate outcome of the path he is taking. But it is too hard to look ahead when you are busily looking over your shoulder.

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