Wayne Gilchrest Is Out Of Touch

How do I know that? When the Democrat candidate who could face Gilchrest for MD-1’s Congressional seat is running to the right of Gilchrest on Iraq.

While Mr. Gilchrest never seems to miss the opportunity to go all Oprah at any mention of Iraq and voted with the Nancy Pelosi to pass an irresponsible Defense supplemental appropriation that was ultimately vetoed by the president. While the troops got the funding, Mr. Gilchrest’s vote did succeed in shutting down maintenance operations that would repair and refurbish combat vehicles and stopping construction and repairs on military facilities, including hospitals, during the course of the dispute. See coverage by my friend McQ at QandO.

Mr. Kratovil has the commonsense to acknowledge the obvious:

The War in Iraq was a mistake and had I been in Congress I would not have voted for it. That position, however, is not particularly helpful or relevant in deciding how best to proceed now. The question now is how do we get out of Iraq in a way that does not adversely impact our foreign policy interests and does not leave Iraq, the region and the world in a more precarious position than before we went to war.

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That is the crux of the issue. People of good faith can disagree on whether or not we should be in Iraq. I supported the war in 2002 and I support it today. But be that as it may the fact is that we are there and our leaving solves nothing.

It is a shame that the Washington Post can editorialize today on the wishful thinking of those who favor withdrawal:

Advocates of withdrawal would like to believe that Afghanistan is now a central front in the war on terror but that Iraq is not; believing that doesn’t make it so. They would like to minimize the chances of disaster following a U.S. withdrawal: of full-blown civil war, conflicts spreading beyond Iraq’s borders, or genocide. They would have us believe that someone or something will ride to the rescue: the United Nations, an Islamic peacekeeping force, an invigorated diplomatic process. They like to say that by withdrawing U.S. troops, they will “end the war.”

while Mr. Gilchrest goes full speed ahead into withdrawal, defeat, and disgrace.

It is time for him to go.

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