Waiting for the Outrage

We reported earlier in the week about the fairly transparent attempt by Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson to install a puppet regime to oversee the financially trouble Dimensions Healthcare organization.

Now that his motive is gaining public notice, he’s taking a couple of steps back.

His original demand was for the resignations of four of the eleven board members. The remaining seven members, including Johnson’s chief of staff and two handpicked members, would recommend the four replacements.

I’d just like to pause for a moment to note that while the Post reports:

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Prince George’s County Executive Jack B. Johnson (D) is trying to dispel fears that he’s out for control of the Board of Directors of Dimensions Healthcare, the company that runs the county’s hospital system…

His critics have charged the rump board left over would be stacked with Johnson allies, including his chief of staff and two members who were named to the board at his chief of staff’s suggestion.

The Post, itself, has yet to report on the ramifications of how Johnson’s control of the board will effect Dimensions and health care in PG County.

Now Johnson has come up with another scheme. He wants a organization of black ministers, called the Collective Banking Group, to select the replacement members.

I’m all for the involvement of religious organizations in the public sphere. I am less than convinced that, however, that this particular move is a good idea from at least two standpoints.

First, Jack Johnson was heavily supported by the black ministers in PG County. This group is composed of his allies. Nothing wrong with that but this is simply a subterfuge to get his personal selections on the Dimensions board and not have to answer for it.

Second, I unalterably opposed to patently racialist organizations no matter how noble their goals. Such organizations are wrong and allowing them to have a substantial voice in how public monies are spent is doubly wrong.

So now clock is running until the outcry over “separation of church and state” and the various good government types who seem to gravitate to the left complain about this obvious power grab. Personally, I’m using a calendar.

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