The Shame of Wayne Gilchrest

Opposition to abortion has been part of the national platform of the Republican Party since 1980 and rightfully so. Abortion is a hideous practice that makes even its defenders into contortionists. Bill Clinton wanted it to be “safe, legal, and rare,” in fact he wanted it so rare that he supported the use of intact dilation and extraction, aka partial birth abortion.

Wayne Gilchrest admits on his official website to being “generally pro-choice” saying:

He supports reproductive health programs that seek to prevent abortions by preventing the unintended or unwanted pregnancy.

Thursday he had his chance to do so but, instead, voted to help keep the abortion industry in business with federal funds.

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On Thursday, Representative Mike Pence (R-IN) presented an amendment that in my view is hard to argue with. He wanted to forbid federal money from funding the abattoirs run by Planned Parenthood. Despite the bookkeeping fiction, the fact is that every federal dollar that goes into Planned Parenthood frees up one of the dollars they raise from other sources to fund their unregulated clinics.

The amendment, as expected, failed 231-189.

True to his 90% NARAL Pro-Choice America voting record (I guess a 90% record in favor of abortion qualifies in some circles as “generally” in favor of it).

Going back to Mr. Gilchrest’s website, he says:

[b]ut he does NOT advocate abortion as a means of birth control and does not support abortion on demand at any point in a pregnancy…

Yet in this vote that is precisely what he did. Make no mistake about it this is a vote in favor of the practice of abortion, it is not some nebulous vote on the concept of “choice.” Mr. Gilchrest could have remained true to stated position and voted to end federal funding of this abominable practice. Instead he chose to side with his new best friends on the left and vote for funding.

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