The First Refuge of the Poltroon

If Samuel Johnson was right that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel then it seems that race pimping is the first refuge of the poltroon.

Let me say up front here that I’m not a huge fan of school boards. As Mark Twain said, “In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.” I’m definitely not a fan of the educational bureaucracy that is much more interested in log rolling and nest feathering than in children.

So when the Anne Arunel County Board of Education re-elected (I say again for clarity re-elected) Tricia Johnson as president my first impulse would have been to yawn. That was until board member Eugene Peterson yelled racism. From The Capital:

Wearing an American flag necktie, Eugene Peterson, the only
African-American board member, read from a written statement after Mrs. Johnson
was nominated but before the board voted to elect her.

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He compared the board election with the 1957 Arkansas civil
rights event when nine black children enrolled at the all-white Little Rock
Central High School.

“Symbols are important, and 50 years from the time that those brave
children defied segregation, we could have chosen to make a powerful statement
to our community,” he said to the board.

Get a freakin grip, Eugene. Anne Arundel County public schools, “our community” if you will, are 73% white, non-Hispanic so having a white, non-Hispanic as president of the board is hardly a step back towards the era of Bull Connor. Especially when the president is being re-elected. Especially when you are a jackass.

“Race is always a factor, whether people want to discuss it or not,” Mr.
Peterson said later, expressing his disappointment at the board’s decision.
“What I’m saying is in this society, and specifically in Anne Arundel County, we
have a problem with race. And anybody who denies that is just not being honest
about what is going on.”

Race can be a factor, but it is most usually a factor when a loser is trying to mau-mau a group of white liberals into submission. In this case the school board chose wisely and dismissed this outbreak of dumbassery as well it should.

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