The Examiner Says No to English Only

The Baltimore Examiner is against the proposition by delegate Patrick McDonough to make English our official language.

People like this editorialist somehow misunderstand the poisonous effect the lack of an “official English” policy has had on the immigration debate. I’m to the left of many, if not most, of my RedState colleagues on immigration, but the fact that the cult of multiculturalism has set its sights on destroying a common American culture is irrefutable.

The idea that we should print ballots in foreign languages simply flies in the face of reason when one must be a citizen to vote and to be a citizen one must demonstrate a proficiency in English. Who (rhetorical question here) would need a non-English ballot?

One does not need be a Tancredoista to demand that people who are coming here to live show those of us who are already here the common courtesy of doing official business in English. Of course there are exigent circumstances, but how an official English policy intereres with that is beyond me.

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If you like multiculturalism then you’d love Yugoslavia (whoops, it’s gone) or Iraq. We have succeeded as a nation because we have developed a unique and common culture instead of developing as a balkanized polyglot.

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