Takoma Park vs. Annapolis

(Crossposted at Annapolis Politics)

A recent post on this site chronicled a resolution by the town of Takoma Park, MD, which supported impeachment of President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. The city has a history of quirky resolutions, and scarily the citizens seem to be fully supportive.

I’m sure that you are thrilled, as I am, that Annapolis finally has a competitor in the race to pass meaningless resolutions! The City of Annapolis has a solid history of passing resolutions that apply to places they have no control over. Here is a summary of some of those things:

Resolution supporting Midshipman Owens. Proper Jurisdiction: United States Navy.

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Resolution apologizing for slavery. Proper jurisdiction: the 1865 Congress of the Confederate States, perhaps.

Supporting the Martin Luther King Institute of Non Violent Studies at Sojourner Douglass College. Proper jurisdiction: Board of Regents, Sojourner Douglass College.

Inappropriate Ethical Behavior by Maryland Public Service Commission. Proper Jurisdiction: Maryland General Assembly or United States Supreme Court, I think. (I seem to remember that the supreme court has original jurisdiction when states are sued. But maybe not.)

You would think that the city has no problems of its own.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.. see for yourself…bring it on Tacoma Park!

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