Racial Quotas in Montgomery County

It is a sordid business, this divvying us up by race.—Chief Justice John Roberts

Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett as decided to fix a big problem in Montgomery County government. He wants to “broaden the hiring pool”. Now we all know what is going on here. It is race pimping pure and simple. Leggett is only interested in broadening the “hiring pool” or “diversity” only to the extent that he is able to extend racial hiring quotas to various city agencies that he thinks aren’t with the program. Those would seem to be the police, fire, and corrections department.

County personnel chief Joseph Adler said the county’s police, fire, and corrections agencies already have taken steps to broaden their hiring pools. “They have developed excellent models” for recruiting and hiring, he said. But he and Leggett agreed that the rest of the government needs to catch up.

According to the Washington Post:

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County data show that in 2006 there were 8,675 people workinged for the county government in 2006.
Of those, 3,828 were women (44.percent) and 4,847 were men (56.percent). The county had 5,064 white employees (58 percent); 2,250 African American employees (26 percent); 642 Hispanic employees (7.4.percent); 495 Asian American employees (5.76.percent); and about 2 percent who were other of another race or did not identify signify their ethnicity.

So what does Montgomery County look like? According to 2005 population estimates by the US Census Bureau, Montgomery County was 61 percent white; 16 percent black; and 13 percent Asian. Fourteen percent of the county was Hispanic (this is an ethnic not a racial category).

If Mr. Leggett is interested in “diversity” then it would seem that he would take steps to reduce the participation of blacks in the county workforce by nearly half while increasing the representation of whites and doubling the number of Hispanics and Asians. If he was really interested in the county workforce then he might consider forbidding race as a factor in hiring.

But this really isn’t about “diversity” is it?

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