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Projecting their own image

Well, here is one of the more inane things I have read recently:

Interesting also, is the inclusion on the site (which goes by the somewhat misleading name “MARYLAND POLITICS”) of front page poster Streiff. I wasn’t aware that Streiff was a Marylander. Either way, I wish him and the other 25 percenter’s over at “redmaryland” luck. I am sure that insane brand of radical conservatism at will translate well to Maryland readers. I also wonder whether Eagle Publishing is has any financial interest in “redmaryland“.

Are Maryland liberals (who I guess spout an insane brand of radical liberalism?) that freaking jaded as to think that a one-week old site hosted on Blogspot that carries no advertising is some sort of financial endeavor? This coming from the crew who has been bankrolled by a special interest group and carries banner advertising on their site? Looks like somebody is trying to project their own corporatist image onto this, more grassroots oriented site.

I don’t wish the FSP folks ill, because I read their site frequently so I know what the other guys are up to. But for God’s sake, this is picking a pissing contest for no good reason. Because clearly, if they weren’t worried about the “25 percenter’s” over here, we wouldn’t be having this discussion…

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