Just below we wrote about the blatant and shameless attempt by the Maryland Association of Counties(MACO) to lobby for a tax increase on the behalf of the O’Malley regime.

Now comes David Bliden, author of the email in question, who professes to be perplexed that anyone should look askance at such a crass act.

Donning his clown suit he proclaims:

“Even Tony Soprano couldn’t arm twist his cronies to believe the right solution to the state’s fiscal challenge is to simply shift the problem to the counties, as some propose,” Bliden said. “Senator Pipkin would be better served in getting governance perspectives from Simpson’s reruns than the Soprano’s.”

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I think the real proposals aren’t to lay costs off on the counties but to simply reduce the budget so that there are sufficient revenues to cover it. This might mean that some programs are eliminated. It might mean that industrial dumps in Queen Anne County aren’t bought for extravagant prices. The only people advocating laying costs of current state programs off on the counties are O’Malley and, it would seem, various sycophants like Bliden, who want to use the financial difficulties of the state as a stalking horse to scaremonger the public into a massive tax increase.

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