O’Malley Watch Obsession

David Keelan at Howard County Maryland Blog has an interesting point of view on the Democrat obsession with O’Malley Watch:

The Democratic party sent out an email that really brought back some memories. Remember during the election last year when Ken Ulman put up a web site that told absolute lies about Chris Merdon’s record. Yes campers, I just said Ken Ulman is a liar.

At the time I traced the web site to Mr. Ulman’s campaign and posted the evidence on this blog and people called ME a liar. I was told that Ken wouldn’t stoop to that level. After all Art McGreevy had even said Ken was above that kind of thing when he trashed Mary Kay Sigaty in the County Council race.


Lets get real. The Democrats have no problem attacking Steele and Merdon with smear web sites and lying about their records and trying to conceal who is involved. Yet a legitimate site (www.omalleywatch.com) comes out that fairly examines O’Malley’s administration and to them it is a major consipiracy. No one lied at omalley watch. Can the Democrats say the same?

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We all know this is a rhetorical question. If there was ever a political party that has survived by playing fast and loose with the truth it is the Democrats. From the recurring old-people-eating-cat-food stories to the ever popular the-Republicans-will-cut-Social-Security to any number of egregious falsehoods that emanate from Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc., the best friend of the Democrat part has been and remains the Big Lie.

From what I have observed of the O’Malley Watch kerfuffle the objection from the O’Malley sycophants appears to be that OMW tells the truth. Imagine that.

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