Not Ready for Prime Time

Over at left-leaning (or left-tipping) MOCOPOLITICS there is a recent but dated post (hat tip to Maryland Politics Watch)on the weakness and sheer lightweightedness of the Montgomery County delegation.

Check it out. Pretty brutal stuff topped off with the perennial whine one hears in Montgomery County about how they are so big and so rich and so powerful and so pure but they get no respect in Anapolis from anyone.

If the legislature was Jessup, Baltimore would be Tiny and Montgomery County would be cleaning the cell, running to the canteen for sandwiches, and satisfying other needs.

I don’t see why anyone is surprised at this. If you called central casting and asked them to send up a stereotypical guilty white liberal you can bet the person would be from the Montgomery County delegation. If you think this type of Caspar Milquetoast is going to do anything but sell their constituents down the river when confronted by people who are playing for keeps you are sadly mistaken.

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