New Conservatives?

If a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged then the Montgomery County community of Rollingwood just might be the next dark red spot on the map.

Rollingwood is a wealthy enclave of some 800 families which has apparently grown tired of dutifully paying its taxes and getting bupkis in return. I think a lot of us share that feeling. In addition, Montgomery County has attempted to split the community between Chevy Chase and the utterly declasse Silver Spring in redistricting and rumors have circulated that some of the high school students living there may be transferred to Montgomery Blair High school which, according to the Washington Post, “is farther away and has a more economically diverse student body.” For anyone who’s had much dealing with liberals, an “economically diverse” school is where they want your kids to go.

Rollingwood, however, has set about to attempt to incorporate itself and thereby use about 17% of their tax revenue, about $1 million to provided services that it thinks the county is slacking on. But the thought of this golden egg delivering goose fleeing the nest isn’t setting well. Standby for a barrage of liberal stereotypes that I’d be too ashamed to make up on my own.

“Think about the precedent being set. What about all of the other relatively wealthy neighborhoods in Montgomery County?” asked Jacqueline Coolidge, an economist and Rollingwood resident who argued against the proposal before the council last week. “What happens when they decide they want to do the same thing?”

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oe A. Oppenheimer, a University of Maryland political science professor who lives in Rollingwood, dismissed the incorporation attempt as “yuppie privatization.” (two observations, no one has used “yuppie” in a serious conversation in a decade and “privatization” is what the United States is about.)

“Does a particular group of fortunate residents have a right to have better streets?” asked George L. Leventhal (D-At Large) during the council’s hearing.

We wish the residents well as they try to pry themselves partially free from the clutches of the venture Marxists who run Montgomery County. But we wish a nasty, vicious fight before they succeed.

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