More on Frank Kratovil

We wrote here last week on the race shaping up for MD-1’s seat in Congress. Incumbent Wayne Gilchrest is facing a primary challenge from state Senator Andy Harris. The winner of this is likely to face Queen Anne County State’s Attorney Frank Kratovil. Kratovil has found running for Congress to be a better use of his time than investigating the huge fraudulent land scheme that took place under his nose, but that is a story for a different day.

Today Monoblogue reports on Kratovil’s appearance on the AM Salisbury radio show.

I don’t hype Democrats. But in all respects save one Frank Kratovil is infinitely superior to Wayne Gilchrest as a member of Congress. His stance on the war is at least comprehensible in comparison to Gilchrest’s sniveling.

But ultimately he will vote for Nancy Pelosi, the Nation’s Crazy Aunt, as Speaker of the House. For that reason alone we have to ignore the issues in MD-1 and if Gilchrest gets the nomination we need to vote for him.

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