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Apparently, O’Malley, as self proclaimed “national leader in homeland security,” gutted the office of homeland security replacing it with two people: a crony from Baltimore City government and a 22 year old campaign staffer. In principle I don’t have a problem with reducing state agencies to a director and a buttboy. But given the twaddle O’Malley peddled while mayor on how the Bush Administration wasn’t doing enough to keep us safe (domestic terrorist attacks since 9/11 = 0) the sheer hypocrisy of this act is just bonejarring.

The entire office directory for Maryland’s homeland security office is here.

He also notes that the legislature has approved moving the homeland security office to a building in Prince George’s County.

County leaders will not be too pleased to see that the promised boost of
“economic development” will be coming from a staffer grabing lunch from the
nearest Taco Bell.

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Well, they can always send their own homeland security deputy director, Jack Johnson crony and all-around thug, Keith Washington down to visit the governor.

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