Monday Morning Roundup

Greg Kline hits it on the head. Why does it take a liberal politician starting a blog before the Baltimore Sun notices there are Maryland political bloggers.

Brian Griffiths on how Michigan Republicans are using Skype and on the latest orgy of self-promotion at taxpayer expense by his favorite RINO

Delmarva Dealings reports on the return of Matt Creamer to county government. He notes Bill Duvall is underwhelmed by the prospects.

The Hedgehog Report notes that Wayne Gilchrest is the Republican most likely to not vote with Republicans and wonders what the Maryland GOP will do during the upcoming primary. We reported here on how Gilchrest’s record is a little to the left of Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and while the GOP should just get out of the way in the primary, indications are they will actively try to sandbag Andy Harris.

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Bud the Blogger has a new found admiration for delegate Steve Schuh

Mike Netherland opines about the nexus of fat people and incivility on MARC. As a MARC communter myself, Brunswick Line, I’ve learned the virtue of strategically choosing seat partners on the inbound run.

Monoblogue reaches out to find out what, if anything, the current crop of Democrat presidential wannabes believe.

Leviathan Montgomery reports on the efforts of Montgomery County venture Marxists to raise money, ever thinking outside the box in their efforts to stick their hands deeply into your pockets they’ve decided to not be constrained by the law in developing ideas.

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