McDonough Defends English Only

A few days ago, the Examiner ran an editorial pooh-poohing Pat McDonough’s push to have English made the official language of government in Maryland.

Today they make space for Mr. McDonough to respond to their editorial. I think he has the better of the exchange.

We are a nation of immigrants. Granted. But that statement alone is misleading when removed from the context of governmental and societal policies and pressures that made assimilation, not balkanization, the outcome. The move towards accomodating languages other than English is wrong headed from a social policy standpoint, and, as Mr. McDonough points out it is far from cost-free.

If a family wants to presevere its culture that is fine. Even laudable in most cases. But it is the business of the state to ensure that all citizens can fully participate and benefit in the civic and economic life of the state. That can only be done if we have one language for official business.

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