Guess Who’s Missing?

Newsweek runs a story entitled After the Trailblazers with the subhead: They represent a ‘sea change’ in black politics: leaders who appeal to all races by stressing consensus over conflict.

Featured are DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, Newark, NJ, mayor Cory Booker, and, of course, our own lieutenant governor Anthony Brown.

Not to take anything from either Messers Fenty or Booker but the real news story would be a black candidate, “breakthrough” or otherwise, winning an election in DC or Newark. I can’t speak for Newark but I lived in DC’s Ward 1 for over a decade and Fenty is no more

appealing to all races, stressing consensus and competence, and often forging
close ties with the business community

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than Tony Williams or Sharon Pratt Kelly.

But to the point. If any state or national candidate was ever consensus oriented, etc., it was former lieutenant governor Michael Steele. It’s doubtful that any of Newsweek’s reporters or editors even considered including Mr. Steele.

The men mentioned in the Newsweek story have two characteristics. First, they are Democrats and we all know that true African Americans are Democrats whereas black Republicans are self loathing Uncle Toms. The second thing they have in common is pretty obvious from their photographs.

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