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Great Work If You Can Get It

Bud the Blogger at the No BS Zone has an interest story on how Speaker Mike Busch pulls in $100,283 for allegedly running parks in Anne Arundel county while at the same time pocketing $56,500 for his other part time job in the General Assembly.

Incredibly, there are county officials in Anne Arundel County who make more than the governor and the deputy state’s attorney in Anne Arundel makes nearly the same as the attorney general. (See here | here .)

I’m not one to begrudge people their salaries. A workman is worthy of his pay and all that. But criminy, these folks are public employees at the county level. It is hard to believe that a county government can have nearly 100 staffers drawing over $100K based on the requirements of the job.

I think we see another “structural deficit” on the horizon here.

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