Gather Ye Speculation while Ye May

(This is my first post on Red Maryland. I want to thank Streiff for inviting me and I hope to maintain the strong quality brand of RedState.)

We in the Conservative Refuge have been covering closely the machinations of local elected Republicans as they swear fealty in the Gilchrest-Harris Congressional primary. There has been no shortage of intrigue.

The lastest is that the campaign of Senator Andy Harris has announced a news conference within the next few hours (their release actually says Tuesday, July 18) to announce “Key Endorsements from Anne Arundel County Legislators”. We know who some of these will be as local Senators Janet Greenip and Bryan Simonaire and Delegate Ron George are a part of the Harris exploratory committee. It will be no surprise if other, as yet unaligned, Republicans join their ranks.

The question is whether some of those who were Congressman Gilchrest’s “special guests” at his recent fundraiser (held the day after he joined the Pelosi-Murtha junta to surrender in Iraq) will switch sides. The camps of some of these officials have been denying their support of Gilchrest, though not publicly.

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Will the Gilchrest loyalists stand by their man or will some sense a shift in the political winds and switch sides?

We will know soon enough.

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