Conservative Refuge Podcast

Conservative Refuge Podcasts
Greg Kline has a new edition of his Conservative Refuge Podcast available (click the icon). According to Greg:

We are joined by our special guest, Jay Breitenbach, who served briefly as
a Delegate from Anne Arundel county and was recently appointed as the newest
member of our Anne Arundel County Republican central committee. Jay honestly
addresses some of the controversy surrounding his appointment and discusses his
goals as well as some of the challenges facing the party in the coming

In our closing segment, I weave some front page news and listener feedback
to begin a discussion of how radical views once thought crazy are now becoming
mainstream. As our society becomes more segmented and the media more diffuse,
the public challenge to nonsensical “conspiracy theories” and crazy views has
waned. What effect will this phonomenon have on the marketplace of ideas and the
future of politics?

Greg has extended an me an invitation to participate for next week. Be sure to catch these. They’re great.

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