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Big Surprise

The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal, Employees is unimpressed by Governor O’Malley’s plan to include them in his plan to balance the budget. The whining is more than a little unconvincing.

According to the Washington Post’s John Wagner:

The cuts, which affect about 40 state agencies, are an early attempt to
confront a deficit of nearly $1.5 billion next year. The $153 million in cuts
proposed by O’Malley represent about 1 percent of the general fund budget for
the state fiscal year that started July 1. In addition, O’Malley formally
announced savings of $60 million from the previous year’s budget that can be
used to address the looming deficit.

As a result of the cuts, 147 state government positions will be
eliminated, only 17 of which are currently filled, O’Malley said.

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According to 2006 data, Maryland has about 96,000 employees. In that context, the loss of 147 positions, the overwhelming majority of them not filled, doesn’t strine one as much of a sacrifice. But AFSCME is about jobs, political power, and patronage. It wouldn’t occur to them that they might actually have to pull their weight.

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