Andy Harris Gets Endorsements

From the Examiner

Two Anne Arundel County Republican delegates announced Tuesday their
support for Sen. Andy Harris in his bid to unseat U.S. Rep. Wayne Gilchrest.

But these same two delegates, Steve Schuh and James King, were also
listed as “hosts” of a “fundraising picnic” in Severna Park last Friday for
Gilchrest, the nine-term Republican congressman.

What gives?

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Both freshman delegates said they agreed to be “hosts” of the Gilchrest
event months ago because he was the longtime representative of their
congressional district, which includes parts of Anne Arundel, Baltimore and
Harford counties as well as the Eastern Shore.

This is a significant event for Senator Harris in his challenge to Mr. Gilchrest. When the local officials of your own party begin abandoning you it is a sign that your are gravely out of step with your own constituency.

Mr. Gilchrest’s endorsement of the Nancy Pelosi-Jack Murtha “slow bleed” strategy to defund out troops in the midst of a war is shameful and all the sniveling he does to the contrary can’t disguise the dishonor of his actions.

Senator Harris is a man who is much more in touch with the district than Mr. Gilchrest and we hope he takes his seat in a Republican Congress in 2008.

Greg Kline has more here.

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