A One Time Answer

My co-blogger Brian Griffiths notes below a rather silly comment that has appeared on Free State Politics.

Interesting also, is the inclusion on the site (which goes by the somewhat misleading name “MARYLAND POLITICS”) of redstate.com front page poster Streiff. I wasn’t aware that Streiff was a Marylander. Either way, I wish him and the other 25 percenter’s over at “redmaryland” luck. I am sure that insane brand of radical conservatism at Redstate.com will translate well to Maryland readers. I also wonder whether Eagle Publishing is has any financial interest in “redmaryland”.

Because the left likes to construct conspiracy theories out of whole cloth I’ll take the time to answer comment.

Yes, I am a front page poster at RedState. I have been a front page poster there since December 2004. I still post there. I encourage you to drop by and join the conversation at one of the nation’s leading conservative blogs.

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As a note, I’m not “included” in this site, this is my blog to which Brian Griffiths and Greg Kline have generously agreed to cross post material from their own sites.

Yes, I do live in Maryland — Washington County — having moved here from downtown DC four years ago.

This site’s name is not “somewhat misleading” at all. A quick look at the site Welcome page would have revealed that the site is only about Maryland politics as would the cutline under the blog title.

I’m happy to be a “25 percenter.” One of the great things about this country is that you don’t have to follow the lemmings over the cliff. Redstate’s conservatism is only “insane” by the marxist and kleptocratic norms followed in Maryland.

Eagle Publishing acquired Redstate last autumn. Those of us who write there still do so voluntarily, without remuneration, and without editorial direction. That this site is hosted on blogspot should be a major clue that there is no money involved. There are no ads on the site because the occasional problematic content is more trouble than it is worth. The reason this site exists is just like the title says. It is to discuss local issues from a conservative and Republican standpoint, something that is rare in Maryland.

Hope this clears things up. Of course, a quick email as a matter of courtesy could have answered the Eagle Publishing question but that wouldn’t have been as much fun.

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