A Challenge to Wayne Gilchrest

P. Kenneth Harris at Maryland Politics Today reports that the nascent primary challenge of State Senator Andy Harris for the US Congress in MD-1 is gaining momentum:

Word from the campaign of State Sen. Andy Harris (R-Dist. 7) is that he out paced his opponent U.S. Rep. Wayne Gilchrest (R) in the early stages of this
contest. Harris is seeking to unseat the nine-term congressman in the Republican Primary for the First Congressional District seat.

Their campaign has raised nearly $175,000 in total contributions with about $158,000 on hand according to it’s filing with the FEC. The Harris 2008 campaign only has
$2,000 in outstanding debt.


According to The Examiner, Gilchrest raised only $90,000, but he has
more cash on hand. His campaign is reporting about $352,000 in the

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I’m not one to advocate tossing elected Republicans under the bus but in the case of Wayne Gilchrest I’d be willing to make an exception. His ACU voting record shows he is a little more liberal than Louisiana’s democrat senator Mary Landrieu and his Oprahfication of the war in Iraq is nothing short of stomach churning.

Senator Harris has an uphill battle against an entrenched incumbent but we wish him well. I don’t know if Maryland can do better than Gilchrest but the First District certainly can.

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