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MD delegation calls out CBS News on false reporting at GOP National Convention

By Ann Miller
Baltimore County Republican Examiner

Danielle Nottingham, a reporter from CBS News, began her on-camera summary from the floor of the convention on the failures of Mitt Romney’s speech immediately upon commencement of the speech.
Under normal circumstances, perhaps this would be standard operating procedure for this reporter. But this time, she forgot her surroundings. She and her cameraman and crew were seated next to Maryland’s National Committeeman, Louis Pope. When Mr. Pope heard her false reporting about how Romney’s speech failed to make his case less than a minute into it, he asked her to listen to the speech first. She was saying, “He was supposed to make the case, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to make it tonight even though this is a partisan crowd and they support him.”  As she continued, Mr. Pope exclaimed to her to “tell the truth!”
State Delegate Michael Smigiel had the wherewithal to take her picture. The cameraman responded by putting his camera in the delegate’s face to intimidate him, according to onlooker Delegate Michael Hough.  He said, “When Mike Smigiel started to take her picture so he could tell the story, they tried to intimidate him and put the camera on him and question him.  That’s when I thought, this is ridiculous, these guys think they can bully people around and intimidate people.  So all I did was call the RNC Staff over and ask them to make them go away and that they were harassing us.”
The confrontation ended only when RNC Security had to ask the news crew to leave the Maryland delegation alone.
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