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Transgender Bill: Hyper-inclusion hurts all discrimination protected groups

When the Baltimore County Council voted to add Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression in as new protected groups in the existing Human Relations law through the “Transgender Bill”, they set the civil rights legislation on a path to self-destruction.

Previously, the Human Relations law protected hard demographics: race, creed, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, marital status, and physical or mental disability. With the addition of unverifiable sexually-related behaviors to the list, the councilmen opened the door to any behavior seeking the status of protection.

What about nudists? What about persons with any multitude of sexual fetishes? What about nerds? How about the obese or extremely gangly? Is protection up for sale to the highest bidding lobby?

The law, seems to me, should be limited to those with inalienable conditions (of which you are born), legally verifiable or professionally diagnosed, or groups making choices protected by the U.S. Constitution, as in Religion. To open it to behaviors and disorders takes all meaning from the intent of the law.

As Gender Identity confusion is listed as a disorder by the American Psychiatric Association, an inflicted person could receive a professional diagnosis and be protected under the physical or mental disability group, rather than create a new protected class for that disorder alone.

A serious disservice has been done to all discrimination protected groups.

Please join those opposing this law by helping with the petition against it. For information:

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