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Gays and crossdressers now have more rights than any other protected group

With the passage Tuesday and the signature into law by County Executive Kevin Kamenetz Thursday of the Baltimore County “Human Relations” bill, which amends pre-existing law, gays and crossdressers are now elevated to a position above all other protected groups against discrimination in the county.

Why? Because the pre-existing law includes a Preferential Treatment exclusion which basically precludes employers from being forced to meet training and apprenticeship quotas in order to balance the number of employees from minority protected groups with those of the general population. It lists the protected groups: race, creed, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, marital status, and physical or mental disability.

However, in the new law, it fails to list the newly added groups (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression) to this exclusion, meaning gays and crossdressers can sue employers if the percentage of employees within training or apprenticeship programs of a company (or school) from these groups does not correspond with the percentage within the general population. See previous article here.

Now gays and crossdressers have rights beyond those of minority races, religious groups, women, the elderly, and the disabled. Oops.

Was this a hideous oversight by our five eager-to-please-the-LGBT-lobby councilmen, or a blind eye? Did they pull a Pelosi and sign the bill without first reading it?

It is time once again for the people to clean up the mess left behind by left-wing legislators who do not represent us and are inadequate to the challenge of discerning good legislation from bad, necessary from overreach. The petition to overturn the Transgender Bill begins soon. Help us tell our five councilmen to First Do No Harm. Please see the website at for more information, updates, and to volunteer to help with this essential effort.

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